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Award Winning Beauty Ampoules!
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Kelyn Esther award winning intensive treatment ampoules contain condensed active ingredients sealed in air-tight glass vials to retain its freshness. Ten professional grade ampoule types specially formulated to treat different skin condition. Natural and vegan ingredient which are free from parabens, mineral oil and SLS. The anti-aging/wrinkles treatment series contains four types to combat all signs of aging from dehydration, wrinkles, sagging skin to age-spots. Firming collagen ampoule firms skin and lifts your facial features. Anti-wrinkles ampoule reduces fine lines for a youthful complexion. Anti-pigmentation ampoule manages melanin and lightens scar marks and brown spots for even skin tone. Soothing hydro hydrates and soften skin to restore skin’s suppleness and natural glow.

Award Winning Professional Skin Care – “Why This Product is Loved”
The concentrated yet non-greasy ampoule absorbs fast into the skin. Water-based formulate makes it light on skin and comfortable for our hot and humid weather. Tightly sealed in glass vials ensure the fresh active ingredients are free from contamination and produce visible results. With Kelyn Esther professional consultation, the anti-aging treatment series is personalized to suit your skin condition regardless of your biological age. A treatment kit compromising of a mixture of the 4 types of ampoules will be specially designed for you. Firming collagen ampoule gives a silky luxurious feel on skin upon application and is a great pre-makeup base for all skin type. Anti-wrinkles ampoule richly hydrates and smoothen skin texture. Anti-pigmentation ampoule lightens even stubborn acne marks and brown spots. Soothing hydro ampoules’ anti-inflammatory properties soothe and brightens skin.

Ampoules Types

1. ANTI-IRRITANT (FOR NORMAL TO SENSITIVE SKIN) – Penetrates easily and calms irritated and sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties improve skin’s clarity and reduce redness. Skin will be silkier and smoother.

2. ANTI-BLEMISH (FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN) – Natural pH balancer to manage sebum and moisture levels to treat oily skin. Antimicrobial properties effectively combat bacteria to control breakouts. Antiseptic properties reduce swelling to give skin healthier complexion.

3. ANTI-PIGMENTATION (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Manages melanin and lightens dark skin tone, scar marks and brown spots. Brightens yellow skin tone due to aging. Rich in antioxidants to help skin regains its natural radiance and fairness.

4. ANTI-WRINKLES (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Anti-oxidant effects reduce damages from free radicals due to prolong exposure to chemicals and suns. Increases moisture levels to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Restores skin structure to give it a a firm, smooth and youthful complexion.

5. SOOTHING HYDRO (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Effectively hydrates and softens skin to create an uplifting appearance. Detoxifies and clears skin of excessive dirt. Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties help to soothe skin. Absorbs easily to restore skin’s suppleness and natural glow. *Great as premakeup base for all skin type especially sensitive skin

6. REVITALIZING FRESH (FOR TIRED SKIN) – Rich in essential minerals and soothing elements to reduce stress and fatigue. Restores natural balance in dry and rough skin to give skin long-lasting smoothness and freshness. Promotes cells renewal to add energy and luminosity to skin.

7. FIRMING COLLAGEN (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Helps to stimulate synthesis of collagen to tighten and firm skin. Gently lift up facial features and reshapes facial contour. Intensively moisturizes and softens dry, rough and wrinkled skin, giving it a silky luxurious feeling. *Great as premakeup base for all skin types.

8. RENEWING OXYGEN (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Boosts skin cells renewal and repairs by replenishing the nourishment, oxygen and moisture required by skin. Energizes tired and dull skin to give it a smooth, delicate and healthy appearance.

9. BRIGHTENING AHA (FOR NON-SENSITIVE SKIN) – Rejuvenate and repair skin to correct visible signs of aging. Hydrates dry and rough skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Refines enlarged pores to improve skin texture. Helps skin regains its brightness and youthfulness. Note: Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Daily use of a sunscreen with this product is recommended.

10. ILLUMINATING EYE (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) – Rapidly lifts and tightens the delicate skin around the eye area to reduce depths of crow’s feet. Improve micro circulation to reduce appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Relieve fatigue to refresh and brighten skin around eye.

Weight 0.2 kg

Anti-Irritatnt, Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Pigmentation, Anti-Blemish, Soothing Hydro, Revitalizing Fresh, Firming Collagen, Renewing Oxygen, Brightening AHA, Illuminating Eye


1 Box of 10 x 3ml Vials

2 reviews for Intensive Treatment Amouples

  1. Cathy

    “Amazing soothing hydro ampoule. My skin no longer feels dry in the afternoon when I am in my airconditioner office”

  2. Madeline

    “The firming collagen ampoules really help to keep skin suppler. I am amazed that my makeup does not fade so quickly after applying this ampoule as a pre makeup base. No foundation touch up was necessary”

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