Kelyn Esther offers 5 exciting series of beauty therapies and more than 60 products. While each product range targets to treat a specific skin problem such as acne or pigmentation, all our products have 1 common property – PREVENT OR REVERSE THE EFFECTS OF AGING.

MULTIVITAMINS THERAPY combines the nutritious benefits of colourful multivitamins and the healing effects of Dead Sea minerals using advanced scientific micro encapsulation technology. These exclusive and comprehensive treatment products used by aestheticians effectively prevent and combat the effects of aging while addressing the special needs of your skin.

Vitamins and minerals are kept fresh and away from contamination by powerful micro encapsulation technologies that control the release of the ingredients’ functionality, stability and efficiency until they are applied. Each capsule helps encourage cellular repair while reactivating youthful genes. They also protect against damages caused by environment aggressors such as UVA/B rays and pollution.

The Dead Sea contains high concentration of 26 minerals and trace elements including sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, bitumen, zinc and chlorine. 12 of these are NOT found in any other sea or ocean. Some are recognized for nourishing the skin, activating circulatory systems, antiseptic effects and alleviating scalp related problems.  Dead Sea salts and mud are used in many dermatological treatments to provide effective relief for skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne and wrinkles.

ECO ORGANIC THERAPY provides environmentally friendly, natural and organic beauty therapies that are inspired by nature and realized by science. This innovative face and body product range is uniquely formulated with our portfolio of natural and certified organic ingredients sourced from Europe and USA. Our exclusive Botanical AlpfloraTM Complexes combat the effects of ageing without chemical interference.

Botanical AlpfloraTM Complexes combine certified natural and organic herbal extracts from rare plants found only at the elevated Swiss Alps. These floras are organically cultivated and gently extracted with natural solvents and pure Swiss alpine water. Their excellent anti-oxidative and moisturizing properties reduce fine lines, improve muscle tone and protect skin from pollution, sun rays and premature aging. They have anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Their anti-irritant properties make them suitable for sensitive skin.

ADVANCED BIOTHERAPY is our professional therapeutic series based on the latest scientific breakthrough innovations to fast forward the desirable age reversal effects on our skin. This series contains our exclusive Advanced PeptherapyTM complexes produced using peptide synthesis, extraction of natural substances and biotechnology sourced from the world’s leading Anti-Aging research and manufacturing laboratories in Israel, Europe and USA.Advanced PeptherapyTM complexes have claim substantiations and proven effectiveness to treat deep wrinkles, dark eye circles and extreme dehydration. Some of the powerful age-killing active ingredients include award winning Swiss technology neuropeptide that reduces wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions as well as wrinkle-controlling peptides known to be safer and milder than botulinum toxin injections.

PURE SPA brings you luxurious spa therapies that are designed to nurture and beautify your skin, leaving you with youthful radiance from head to toe. This spa collection pampers and nourishes your body and hair with the natural healing effects from the Dead Sea Salt and Mud which are recognized for alleviating skin allergies, joint related diseases and scalp related problems. Enriched with soothing and uplifting flora scents, PURE SPA brings you a truly calming and relaxing experience to relieve stress, anxiety and tension. This range contains a wide collection of specially designed spa treatments for every part of your body

PURE SPA BODY & BATH delivers silky softness to every inch of your skin through revitalizing mud wraps and hydrating therapeutic body creams. Indulge in invigorating treats for your tired hands and aching feet by soaking in refreshing salts and oils from PURE SPA HAND & FOOT CARE. Finally, no beauty treatment is complete without healthy and shiny hair. PURE SPA HAIR CARE replenishes lost nutrients to hair roots, leaving hair tangle free, strong and lustrous. With such complete collection in perfect harmony, PURE SPA transforms your beauty routine into an energizing and lush experience.

COVER AND COLOUR THERAPY introduces revolutionary therapeutic makeup specially designed to help create a flawless complexion while treating skin’s imperfections. The active ingredients of each product are formulated according to the special needs of each skin type ranging from oily, dehydrated to sensitive skin.

The ingredients’ properties include antimicrobial abilities to treat acne and abilities to boost collagen synthesis to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Pigments and powders have been carefully blended to provide the perfect shade, finish and wearability to conceal the undesirable effects of time. With COVER AND COLOUR THERAPY, flawless complexion with healthy skin will no longer be a dream.


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