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Regain your Confidence with GS8 Anti-Inflammatory High Frequency Therapy

Growing old is something all of us want to avoid, however, not even those who have spent their lives taking good care of their health and their skin avoid the signs of aging from showing on your skin. However, what one can do is take efforts to make the hands of the clock run slower by taking on therapies that work wonders on one’s skin. Sun damage, scars and pustules can all be treated by some simple treatments at Kelyn Esther’s Garden Spa. You can relax and let our therapists help rejuvenate your tired skin through a number of therapies.

Kelyn Esther GS8 Anti-Inflammatory High Frequency TherapyOne therapy that is particularly effective in treating congested and acne skin condition while reducing the effects of aging is the GS8 Anti-Inflammatory High Frequency Therapy. The safe and gentle oscillating, oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current increases activity in the skin's basal layer, refines skin texture and gives an improvement in the skin's defence against bacteria. It has a germicidal and anti-bacterial effect, due to the ozone formation. It limits sebaceous secretions, drying and healing pustular infection. The therapy is extremely relaxing and is conducted using Kelyn Esther professional products that are made using active ingredients that are rich in dead sea minerals to moisturize the skin, bring back the balance of oil to your skin and hence make it look gorgeous.

The GS8 Anti-Inflammatory High Frequency Therapy is used to take care of the following problems you may face on a regular basis. The treatment is recommended for those who suffer from: pimples and pustule problems, combination or oily skin, inflamed skin, congested pores and black and white heads. The problems if ignored can become a problem that can make your skin look ugly and non attractive. This may lead to you feel unhappy with your life and you could lose interest in everything around you. The right care at the right time is necessary to make your skin beautiful and regain your confidence.

Kelyn Esther Pore Minimizing Tonic

High frequency treatment promotes skin rejuvenation by improving blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage and boosting skin’s absorption of skin care products. It increases the production level of collagen and elastin, soften and smooth away wrinkles and refines overall skin texture. Regular use of high frequency can produce cumulative long term lifting effect and aid in skin renewal to reduce aging effects. Skin is energized after treatment, leaving skin firm, refreshed and rosy.

You can achieve hydrated skin with a decent balance of oil through usage of products used in our GS8 Anti-Inflammatory High Frequency Therapy. One of the products you can continue to use as part of your home care kit is the Pore Minimizing Tonic to ensure that you pores remain uncongested and ensure blackhead, white heads, pimples and oily skin is a thing of the past.

The Pore Minimizing tonic is made of witch hazel and many more natural ingredients to restore the balance of oil to your skin. The anti irritants that are a part of this amazing product will soothe your skin and help in toning without making it too dry. It also helps in moisturizing your skin and makes it feel absolutely radiant after you have completed the cleansing process. It doesn’t matter if you have delicate skin, as this product is absolutely perfect for every type of skin.

Witch hazel has some enriching and soothing properties that work towards avoiding the irritation your skin may feel due to dryness and thus offering you a smoother texture that makes your skin look young. Its astringent properties make your skin pores clean to prohibit the growth of pimples, black heads and whiteheads, leaving your skin with a beautiful texture.

Do visit for more details about our amazing collections that range from Multivitamins Therapy, Advanced Biotherapy to various organic therapies that can truly make your skin look and feel superb.


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