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Bring Back the Glow with GS7 Deep Exfoliative Diamond Peel Therapy

Diamond Peel WandWhen you come into Kelyn Esther’s Garden Spa, our professionals will thoroughly examine your skin and provide you with advice on what treatment you need to bring back the glow to your face and to your life. No one enjoys growing old, however, life doesn’t have it any other way and you have to find ways and means of keeping a check on your age by availing of facilities that have been specially designed to make you feel as young as you want.

One therapy that can help you feel radiant is the GS7 Deep Exfoliative Diamond Peel Therapy. With an ambience that has been designed for comfort and therapists that have been hired only to provide you comfort and beauty treatments, you can be sure that this treatment will help you deal with a number of targeted skin conditions in a very comfortable and relaxing manner. So walk into Kelyn Esther’s garden Spa and let us help you decide whether the Diamond Peel therapy is for you.

The GS7 Deep Exfoliative Diamond Peel therapy has been designed to treat the following problems: Blemished skin, uneven texture, enlarged pores, excessive dead skin, sun damage, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, age spots and scars that may have been left behind on your skin. The therapy is skin-freshening and will help to repair facial skin and restore your skin structure. Diamond peel encourages skin renewal, aids in removing scars, pigment spots, fine wrinkles and crow’s feet. Unlikely most other methods of mechanical microdermasion,  diamond peel is less invasive and causes less injury, as the size of diamond crystals, due to their well-known hardness, is extremely small. This ensures that diamond peel is a safe and painless procedure, and eliminates the need for anesthesia.

Our therapist will use a device like a fine sandblaster to spray air together with the diamond tips across the face, mixing gentle abrasion with suction to remove dirt and dead skin cells. Removal of the upper layer of dead skin contributes improves blood circulation in the skin and increases metabolic rate in skin tissues. It also stimulates the formation of the connective elements such as collagen and elastin which are responsible for younger looking skin and hence makes the skin more elastic, supple and fresh. Regular treatment produces the much sought-after healthy glow, making one look young and vibrant.

Kelyn Esther Protective Day Cream SPF 15Typically, diamond peel procedure does not require recovery period that allows patients to immediately return to their daily work and social activities. The only limitation is the requirement to take extra care of your renewed skin as part of your after-care procedures in the first few days after the peel. During this period, it is recommended to avoid excessive heat exposure, and protect your skin from direct sunlight, alcohol-based and other astringent skin care products. Use of day cream with SPF of at least SPF 15 such as Kelyn Esther Multivitamin Therapy Protect Day Cream is encouraged.

The peeling treatment can be processed in a clean and hygienic way because the diamond peeling heads could be sanitized and no crystals would be left behind. Diamond peeling knows age limitations; it can be performed on all skin types and is recommended treatment for scars, acne or post-acne scars, large pigment spots, fine wrinkles, etc. With several diamond peel tips of different sizes, diamond peel can be used for the eyes, face, neck and body.

Deep pore cleansing black mud face maskKelyn Esther has 5 collections with more than 60 different products. One of the products that we may use in this therapy is the Deep Pore Cleansing black mud face mask. Enriched with dead sea mud, this skin will restore moisture and bring back balance to oily skin that can be extremely annoying and give way to unwanted pimples, pustules and black and white heads. This particular mask helps to draw out harmful toxins, sebum and impurities that may be causing the blockage in your pores.

As the mask is gently scrubbed over your face it will remove the dead skin and black heads as well. It is extremely soothing as it has a beautiful fragrance. It will moisturize your skin and leave it feeling young. It also has some amazing whitening effects while improving the texture of your skin and lending it radiance. The dead sea mud and the various multivitamins help in reducing ageing effects immensely and the Kaolin content helps in drastically improving the texture of your skin.

The dead sea mud is 100% natural and with its medicinal properties and homogeneous mix of salts, natural tar, silicates, dead sea minerals and various other organic ingredients from the shores of the dead sea, it has some amazing rejuvenating capabilities that can make your skin look absolutely beautiful. The silicates in the mix are responsible for removal of the dead skin cells and they also help in removing all the toxins from the pores.

There are a number of other collections of products at Kelyn Esther that you should check out to learn more. Do check out to sneak a peek into the magic world of anti-aging treatments that will help you feeling youthful and energetic. All products have been made only using superior active ingredients to lend your skin that beautiful glow through the goodness of nature and science.


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