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Tighten saggy skin & reduce wrinkles with GS11 Firming & Lifting Radio Frequency Therapy

Aging is a natural process and nobody can stop the symptoms of ageing from manifesting. Do you worry about seeing yourself start to look middle aged? Do you already notice that skin the around your eyes and checks have start to lose their vitality? Frequent exposure to sun and pollution in the environment will cause our skin’s texture and tone to change. It will lead to more wrinkles, facial lines and saggy skin. It can be a challenge to improve skin laxity without invasive surgical procedures. However, this is not impossible. Kelyn Esther GS11 Firming and Lifting Radio Frequency Therapy is the solution and is often described as a non-invasive face lift that promotes tissue tightening & contouring, plumbing out the skin and smoothing out wrinkles. It also lifts the brow, reduces the appearance of double chins, tightens sagging skin around jowls and neck and smoothen forehead and areas at the corners of eye.

Tightening_Lifting_Face_Serum GS11 Firming and Lifting Radio Frequency Therapy tackle face and body areas that require renewal by using the hand piece of the RF machine to emit RF waves to heat the deeper skin layer (Subcutaneous dermal tissue). The treatment is typically used with several intensive anti-aging skin care from Kelyn Esther Advanced Biotherapy and Multivitamins Therapy collections. One of the products used is its Tightening or Lifting Face Serum which acts as lubricant for the hand piece to circulate easily on your skin. Our therapists will apply a thin layer of the serum on your face before massaging your skin with the RF hand piece to help your skin absorb the anti-wrinkle and sagginess skin care products more easily.

A warm sensation will be felt during the treatment due to the utilization of the RF waves to safely deliver the electric current which produces thermal energy through rapid vibration. The heat will improve blood circulation and enhance metabolism. The thermal heat will cause existing collagen fibres to contract, encourage fibroblast migration and encourages new collagen growth to improve the overall architecture of the skin. The newly reconstructed skin will be smoother, more wrinkles-free, elastic and glowing. The treatment also helps oxygen and nutrients to flow through the system more easily and helps eliminate waste more effectively. Skin is effectively brighter with a more even skin tones. Freckles also fade away under the treatment

This technology remains popular as it can target the deep dermis & sub dermis layers, while leaving the epidermis protected. The treatment typically takes 20 to 30 minutes and there is typically little discomfort.

RF treatment for improving body contour

Although cellulite is not part of the ageing process, it is another cause which makes us appear older than usual. Poor blood circulation may cause the process of cleansing the fibres we intake by our body fluids to slow down. As a result, fat cells are trapped by these uncleaned fibres. Over time, these trapped fat cells will pile up and slowly become stubborn and irremovable. This will cause cellulites or what is commonly known as the “orange peel effect”.

RF can be used to treat cellulite anywhere on the body as a non-surgical and safe method. The trapped fat cells and tissues will be dissolved by the heat from the RF waves to provide a tightening effect on the skin. The RF waves will help fat metabolism to accelerate, lymphatic drainage to improve, fibroblast stimulation to provide a firming effect.The treatment can be carried on various body parts such as abdomen, thighs, arms and hips. RF has been proven to be effective in stimulating formation of new collagen and hence improving body contours.