WELCOME TO KELYN ESTHER! Refer below for our exclusive offers before clicking our ampoules reservation form. For a limited time period, you may purchase additional boxes of face ampoules or body ampoules at attractive prices! For enquires, email for the fastest response. Alternatively, call/sms 9889 9449 during our operating hours.

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Thank you for purchasing Natural Vegan Skin Care formulated in Germany. Kelyn Esther face and body ampoules use tightly sealed clear durable glass vials to preserve its freshness without the need of preservatives. Professionally packed in a beautiful black and white flora box which highlight its purity, and can be easily carried around or be a perfect gift for your loves ones.

We would like to offer you a special one-time* trial of our Ultrasonic Facial or Body Slimming Treatment. Ultrasonic treatment stimulate cell growth and improve circulation, thus increasing the penetration of skin care products into your skin by *3X.

Option 1: 45mins 5-steps Ultrasonic Facial for only $12 instead of $139.*

This facial includes cleansing, toning, oxy hydrating treatment, ultrasonic facial using one vial of your purchased ampolues and a customized mask.

Option 2: 90mins 9-steps Ultrasonic Triple Masks Facial with Shoulder Massage at $29 instead of $189.*

This facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation mask, oxy hydrating treatment, ultrasonic facial using one vial of your purchased ampoules, face massage, shoulder massage, eye mask and customized mask. In addition, you may choose to try and use our concentrated Dead Sea and Organic Serums during the Ultrasonic Treatment instead of using your purchased ampoules.

Option 3: 30mins Ultrasonic Body Slimming Treatment for only $9.90 instead of $99.*

This slimming treatment includes cleansing and ultraonic slimming treatment on your tummy or thigh using one vial of your purchased ampolues.

Hurry and *3X the effectiveness of your ampoule! To enjoy this offer, simply select collection at shop wtih facial at the reservation form. You may enjoy the facial on the same or different day as your ampoule collection date.

*Effectiveness of Ultrasonic facial  and body slimming treatment varies with skin conditions and types. Limited to one redemption per first-time facial /slimming customer of Kelyn Esther. Existing facial customers are to top up $10 respectively for each options and limited to one redemption per customer. Only available to Natural Vegan Ampoules customers.

Kelyn Esther Natural Vegan Therapy Box

1. ANTI-IRRITANT (FOR NORMAL TO SENSITIVE SKIN) - Penetrates easily and calms irritated and sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties improve skin’s clarity and reduce redness. Skin will be silkier and smoother.

2. ANTI-BLEMISH (FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN) - Natural pH balancer to manage sebum and moisture levels to treat oily skin. Antimicrobial properties effectively combat bacteria to control breakouts. Antiseptic properties reduce swelling to give skin healthier complexion.

3. ANTI-PIGMENTATION (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Manages melanin and lightens dark skin tone, scar marks and brown spots. Brightens yellow skin tone due to aging. Rich in antioxidants to help skin regains its natural radiance and fairness.

4. SOOTHING HYDRO (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Effectively hydrates and softens skin to create an uplifting appearance. Detoxifies and clears skin of excessive dirt. Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties help to soothe skin. Absorbs easily to restore skin’s suppleness and natural glow. *Great as premakeup base for all skin type especially sensitive skin.

5. REVITALIZING FRESH (FOR TIRED SKIN) - Rich in essential minerals and soothing elements to reduce stress and fatigue. Restores natural balance in dry and rough skin to give skin long-lasting smoothness and freshness. Promotes cells renewal to add energy and luminosity to skin.

6. FIRMING COLLAGEN (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Helps to stimulate synthesis of collagen to tighten and firm skin. Gently lift up facial features and reshapes facial contour. Intensively moisturizes and softens dry, rough and wrinkled skin, giving it a silky luxurious feeling. *Great as premakeup base for all skin types.

7. ANTI-WRINKLES (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Anti-oxidant effects reduce damages from free radicals due to prolong exposure to chemicals and suns. Increases moisture levels to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Restores skin structure to give it a a firm, smooth and youthful complexion.

8. RENEWING OXYGEN (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Boosts skin cells renewal and repairs by replenishing the nourishment, oxygen and moisture required by skin. Energizes tired and dull skin to give it a smooth, delicate and healthy appearance.

9. BRIGHTENING AHA (FOR NON-SENSITIVE SKIN) - Rejuvenate and repair skin to correct visible signs of aging. Hydrates dry and rough skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Refines enlarged pores to improve skin texture. Helps skin regains its brightness and youthfulness. Note: Suitable for all skin types except sensitive skin. Daily use of a sunscreen with this product is recommended.

10. ILLUMINATING EYE (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Rapidly lifts and tightens the delicate skin around the eye area to reduce depths of crow’s feet. Improve micro circulation to reduce appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Relieve fatigue to refresh and brighten skin around eye.

IMPORTANT: Protect your hands from broken glasses with paper towel before opening an ampoule. Hold the bottom of the ampoule firmly with one hand. Hold the top of the ampoule with the other hand and apply light pressure with your thumb to snap the neck (marked with a white line).

Face Ampoule Box

Natural Vegan Box

Kelyn Esther Anti Cellulite Ampoule Body Ampoule

Kelyn Esther Body Slimming Ampoule Thermic Slim Ampoule Thermal Ampoule

1. COOL ANTI-CELLULITE (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Resurface uneven skin texture to give it a smooth and firm appearance. Tightens and strengthens skin to reduce appearance of cellulite which becomes noticeable when skin losses elasticity. Targets common areas with cellulite such as thights and buttocks. For best results, use with Kelyn Esther Themic Slim body ampoule to target different body parts.

2. THERMIC SLIM (FOR ALL SKIN TYPES) - Effectively penetrates to the deepest layers of skin for a lipolytic action. Encourages microcirculation to improve drainage of excess water and body toxins. Heating effect boosts metabolism rate to aid in the breakdown of fat deposits for effective weight loss especially in thigh and buttock circumference. For best results, use with Kelyn Esther Cool Anti-Cellulite ampoule to target different body parts.

Kelyn Esther Natural Vegan ampoule uses tightly sealed clear durable glass vials to preserve its freshness without the need of preservatives. Professionally packed in a beautiful black and white flora box which highlight its purity, and can be easily carried around or be a perfect gift for your loves ones

Kelyn Esther cellulite ampoules and slimming ampoules are developed to improve your body contour in the shortest possible time. These effective ampoules used by professional aesthetician during body slimming and contouring treatments can be used at home for intensive home care. For even faster effects, enjoy the special Ultrasonic slimming treatment at Kelyn Esther.

RECOMMENDED USE: Apply a generous layer over the treated body area by massaging gently in circular motion until completely absorbed. Follow with an application of hydrating body cream. For best results, repeat treatment once to twice per week consecutively with at least 10 applications


Kelyn Esther brings to you beauty therapies to combat the effects of time regardless of your skin type and condition. With extensive research, innovation and stringent product evaluation, we have developed a complete range of professional hair care, skin care and makeup products that are customized to your needs at any time of your life. Our treatment products for professional cosmetologists and aestheticians help many day spas and beauty salon offer effective and efficient beauty therapies. Taking care of your beauty for life is our mission.

Our revolutionary products are manufactured from our advanced portfolio of active ingredients that are produced using peptide synthesis, extraction of natural substances and biotechnology sourced from Israel, Europe and USA. Our products make use of powerful micro encapsulation technologies that control the release of ingredients’ functionality, stability and efficiency until they are applied. Our product line also extends into the field of natural and organic ingredients with high-quality extracts that meet strict guidelines set by certification bodies such as ECOCERT®, USDA ORGANIC® and BIO SUSSIETM.

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